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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Which OSPF concept is used to relate areas to the backbone area through another area?

A. Virtual Links

B. Backup Links

C. Inter-backbone Links

D. Point-to-point Links

Answer: A

Q2. Engineer is designing QoS for application. Which QoS architecture should he choose if application needs to have reserved bandwidth prior to sending data?

A. Differentiated services

B. Integrated services


D. ToS

Answer: B

Q3. A company needs to configure a new firewall and have only one public IP address to use in this firewall.

The engineer need to configure the firewall with NAT to handle inbound traffic to the mail server in addition to internet outbound traffic. Which options could he use ? (Choose Two)

A. Static NAT for inbound traffic on port 25

B. Dynamic NAT for outbound traffic

C. Static NAT for outbound traffic on port 25

D. Dynamic NAT for inbound traffic

E. NAT overload for outbound traffic

F. NAT overload for inboud traffic on port 25

Answer: A,E

Q4. Which two methods are available to connect a Cisco IOS device to an active directory domain for authentication? (Choose two)

A. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

B. Radius



Answer: A,B

Q5. Web server placed in front of the firewall in ACI?

A. Application profile

B. L4-L7 services

Answer: B

Q6. A designer should have which three technologies in the network before configuring MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose three.)



C. Cisco Express Forwarding


E. vPC


Answer: A,B,C

Q7. Which protocol is required for end-to-end signaling in an IntServ QoS architecture?



C. ToS


E. DiffServ

Answer: A

Q8. During the design of a new data center, a company requires that access switches be placed only in network racks. Which switch layout must be used?

A. centralized

B. integrated

C. top of rack

D. end of row

Answer: D

Q9. An engineer want to ensure that of the PEs are discovery in VPLS discover PS. use signaling and access to across PE router without having manually provision VPLS

neighbors, What solution must be implemented?

A. BGP autodiscovery with BGP signalling

B. BGP autodiscovery with LDP signalling

C. H-VPLS with PW-access

D. BGP-based VPLS autodiscovery

Answer: D

Explanation: and

Q10. What are two characteristics of Server Load Balancing router mode? (Choose two.)

A. The design supports multiple server subnets.

B. An end-user sees the IP address of the real server.

C. SLB routes between the outside and inside subnets.

D. The source or destination MAC address is rewritten, but the IP addresses left alone.

E. SLB acts as a "bump in the wire" between servers and upstream firewall or Layer 3 devices.

Answer: A,C

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