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Q1. A technician is planning on upgrade of an option 11C 5 x system to a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7 x System with CPMG Co-resident Call server and Media Gateway Controller.

To perform the Linux Base software installation on the CPMG which component is required?

A. Bootable Compact Flash (1 Gigabyte)

B. Bootable USB drive/disk (2 Gigabyte)

C. External CDROM drive

D. Bootable Compact Flash (2 Gigabyte)

Answer: B

Q2. A Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7x customer has decided to implement UNIStim security with DTLS.

Which statement regarding UNIStim security with DTLS is true?

A. It is provided by the Secure Multimedia Controller 2450.

B. It encrypts UNIStim signaling between the line Terminal Proxy Server and IP telephones.

C. It provides media security between the IP telephones.

D. It provides security between the Ip telephone and Call Server.

Answer: B

Q3. You are installing a new Communication Server 1000E (CS 1000E) SA release 7x system for your customer. They have asked you to implement the corporate Directory Feature during the installation.

A. SFTP must be disabled in LD 117.

B. Valid telephony accounts must already exist in Subscriber Manager.

C. The CS 1000E Call Server must be joined to security domain.

D. Centralized authentication must be disabled.

Answer: C

Q4. You customer just installed three Communication Servers 1000 Rls. 7x systems to support

their new campus distributed corporate offices. The customer allowed for periodic synchronization of their corporate Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) database with subscriber Manager.

Which Subscriber Manager Feature allows you to synchronize subscribers from an LDAP database and assign them to a telephone account of the same time?

A. Bulk Account Creation

B. CSV Subscriber Synchronization

C. Account Synchronization

D. Flow-through Provisioning

Answer: D

Q5. A customer is commissioning a Communication Server (CS) 1000E 7x system with package 403 (soft switch) and 402 (IPMG). The CPDC Call Server software has been installed successfully, and now the customer is provisioning the Media Gateway Tone and conference loops for the Media Gateway Controller.

Which switch overlay and prompt should the customer use to configure the Media gateway TDS loop?

A. LD 17, XCT

B. LD 17, VXCT

C. LD 17, SUPT


Answer: D

Q6. A customer is upgrading an existing option 11C Rls. 5.5 chassis system with an SSC card Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7x Standard Availability with a single IP media

Gateway 1000E chassis. As a part of this upgrade a CPMG Co-Resident call Server, Signaling Server Card and Gateway Controller has been included as part of the upgrade.

What happens to the Terminal Number (TN) format during this upgrade?

A. The TN format is automatically converted to the large system format of Loop-Shelf-Card- Unit for all assigned Terminal Numbers.

B. The TN format is automatically converted to the large system format of Card-Unit for all assigned Terminal Numbers

C. The TN format is automatically converted to the large system format of Loop-Shelf-Card- Unit for all new programmed Terminal Numbers

D. The format is automatically converted to the large system format of Loop-Shelf-Card- Unit for IP phones only. All other devices assigned Terminal Numbers must be manually reprogrammed.

Answer: A

Q7. A customer has installed a Media gateway controller (MGC) and would like to change the baud rate settings for the SDI parts. The baud rates for all serial Data Interface (SDI) ports on the MGC are configurable through call server?

Which overlay is used to configure the MGC SDI ports?

A. LD 137

B. LD 117

C. LD 97

D. LD 17

Answer: D

Q8. A customer that has an existing option 11C chassis system with an SCC card is planning t o upgrade to a Communication Server (Rls.) 1000E Rls. 7x system. A CPMG Co-Resident server card will be installed.

Which action must be completed manually?

A. The digital Trunk Numbers must be reprogrammed with a new format

B. The IP Phones Terminal Numbers must be entered with a new format

C. The IP address for each Ip media Gateway must be entered in LD 97

D. The tone Receiver Terminal Numbers must be re-Programmed with new format

Answer: C

Q9. A customer has completed the security configuration for the security servers in the Avaya Aura integrated system. The System is using Avaya Aura System Manager as the Primary Security Server. The Customer is accessing the Base manager of each Server from the Element list to perform base configuration changes. Aaa Base Managers are accessible except the primary server; When Clicking on the Primary Server, the customer is taken to the System Manager Dashboard page.

What is the recommended course of action for the customer?

A. Log into the System Manager command to access Base Manager.

B. On the system Manager Console, access UCM Roles to change access Privileges.

C. No action is required; System Manager does not have an associated base Manager.

D. Log into Base Manager of the Primary Security server using local-login to access the Base Manager.

Answer: C

Q10. A customer has a Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 7x Co-Resident system, and needs to access the Call Server Overlay Shell to use the Call Server Overlay commands.

Which two commands are used to access the Call Server Shell? (Choose two)

A. cspdt

B. cslogin

C. csaccess

D. csconsole

Answer: A,B

Explanation: AvayaTech@'s password: Last login: Thu Feb 9 15:58:46 2012 from [AvayaTech@avayacs1k~]$ cslogin SEC054 A device has connected to, or disconnected from, a pseudo tty without authenticatingTTY 13 SCH MTC BUG OSN 18:13OVL111 IDLE 0Last login: Thu Feb 9 15:58:46 2012 from

AvayaTech@'s password:

Last login: Thu Feb 9 18:13:03 2012 from[AvayaTech@avayacs1k~]$ cspdtPDT login on /pty/ptty00.SUsername: AvayaTechPassword:The software and data

stored on this system are the property of, or licensed to, Nortel Networksand are lawfully available only to authorized users for approved purposes. Unauthorized access toany software or data on this system is strictly prohibited and punishable under appropriate laws. Ifyou are not an authorized user then logout immediately. This system may be monitored foroperational purposes at any time.OVL111 IDLE 0OVL111 TTY 12 20 adminTTY #13 LOGGED IN AvayaTech 18:15 9/2/2012

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