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New Juniper JN0-102 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

Q1. What represents the binary equivalence of 96?

A. 11010100

B. 01100000

C. 11010000

D. 11101010

Answer: B

Q2. -- Exhibit -- [editsnmp] user@router# show

communityCommunityA { authorization read-only; clients {;



trap-groupgroupA { categories {



targets {;;



-- Exhibit --

Referring to the exhibit, what is the purpose of the targets section of the configuration?

A. It defines which devices will be sending traps.

B. It specifies where to send traps.

C. It defines the IP addresses of management systems that can access the device.

D. It specifies which devices can be polled for SNMP data.

Answer: B

Q3. Which two commands would you use to view OSPF routes? (Choose two.)

A. show ip route ospf

B. show ospf routes

C. show route protocol ospf

D. show route

Answer: C,D

Q4. Which statement is true about the forwarding table?

A. The forwarding table is stored in the control plane only.

B. The forwarding table is stored in the control plane and in the forwarding plane.

C. The forwarding table contains both active and inactive routes.

D. The forwarding table can contain only a single next hop per destination.

Answer: B

Q5. What is the purpose of a network mask?

A. It is used in conjunction with the wildcard mask to determine the number of hosts on a network.

B. It is used to define which parts of the IP address are allocated to host addresses and network prefixes.

C. It is used to hide subnets from external networks by masking the subnets with NAT.

D. It is used to differentiate a network as a classful network or a classless network.

Answer: B

Q6. You are performing the initial configuration of an SRX Series device.

What must you set before the device will allow you to commit your configuration?

A. System time

B. Root authentication

C. Hostname

D. Management interface

Answer: B

Q7. What is the purpose of a network mask?

A. It is used to identify the maximum hop count of a subnetwork.

B. It is used to identify an IP address as either private or public.

C. It is used to identify the network to which an IP address belongs.

D. It is used to identify the total number of bits present in an IP address.

Answer: C

Q8. What is the default export routing policy for EBGP?

A. Accept all active BGP routes.

B. Accept all BGP routes.

C. Accept no routes.

D. Accept all active IGP routes.

Answer: A

Q9. What is an advantage of dynamic routing?

A. Unlike static routing, dynamic routing provides redundant IP addresses for end-user devices.

B. Unlike static routing, dynamic routing requires no initial user configuration.

C. Dynamic routing can provide increased network availability when compared to static routing.

D. Dynamic routing provides DNS services along with IP connectivity; static routing does not.

Answer: C

Q10. Which two commands is used to validate the syntax of a configuration without applying the configuration?

A. commit confirmed

B. commit synchronize

C. commit check

D. commit and-quit

Answer: A,C

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