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EXE exam format
Exam Exam Name
C90-01A Fundamental Cloud Computing(C90.01)
C90-02A Cloud Technology Concepts
C90-03A Cloud Technology Lab
C90-05A Advanced Cloud Architecture
C90-06A Cloud Architecture Lab
c90.01 Fundamental Cloud Computing
C90.02 Cloud Technology Concepts
C90.03 Cloud Technology Lab
C90.05 Advanced Cloud Architecture
C90.06 Cloud Architecture Lab
S90-02A SOA Technology Concepts
S90-03A SOA Design & Architecture
S90-04A SOA Project Delivery & Methodology
S90-05A SOA Technology Lab
S90-08A Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
S90-09A SOA Design & Architecture Lab
S90-18A Fundamental SOA Security
S90-19A Advanced SOA Security
S90-20A SOA Security Lab
s90.01 Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing
s90.02 SOA Technology Concepts
s90.03 SOA Design & Architecture
s90.04 Project Delivery & Methodology
s90.05 Advanced Cloud Architecture
s90.08 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
s90.09 SOA Design & Architecture Lab
s90.18 Fundamental SOA Security
s90.19 Advanced SOA Security
s90.20 SOA Security Lab