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New Cisco 200-125 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 - Question 24)

New Questions 15

which command can you enter to re enable cisco discovery protocol on a local router after it has been

disabled ?

A. Router (config)# cdp run

B. Router (config-if)# cdp run

C. Router (config)# cdp enable

D. Router (config-if)# cdp enable

Answer: A

New Questions 16

Where does the configuration reside when a helper address is configured to support DHCP ?

A. on the switch trunk interface.

B. on the router closest to the client.

C. on the router closest to the server.

D. on every router along the path.

Answer: B

New Questions 17

If three devices are plugged into one port on a switch and two devices are plugged into a different port, how many collision domains are on the switch?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer: C

New Questions 18

How many bits represent network id in a IPv6 address?

A. 32

B. 48

C. 64

D. 128

Answer: C

Explanation: Explanation/Reference: http://networkengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/30836/calculate-networking-bits- for-ipv6

64 bits for Network ID and 64 bits for Interface ID 64+64=128

New Questions 19

Which 2 statements about extended traceroute command is true?

A. it can send packets from specified interface or ip address

B. it can use a specified TTL value.

C. it can validate the reply data.

D. it can use a specificed TOS.

E. it can repeated automatically to a specified interval.

Answer: A,B

Explanation: Reference:

http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/routing-information-protocol-rip/13730- extpingtrace.


u201cThis table lists the traceroute command field descriptions:

Source address: The interface or IP address of the router to use as a source address for the probes. The

router normally picks the IP address of the outbound interface to use.

Minimum Time to Live [1]: The TTL value for the first probes. The default is 1, but it can be set to a higher

value to suppress the display of known hops.

Maximum Time to Live [30]: The largest TTL value that can be used. The default is 30. The traceroute

command terminates when the destination is reached or when this value is reached.

New Questions 20

Which feature is configured by setting a variance that is at least two times the metric?

A. equal cost load balancing

B. unequal cost load balancing

C. Path selection

D. path count

Answer: B

New Questions 21

While troubleshooting a connection problem on a computer, you determined that the computer can ping a specific web server but it cannot connect to TCP port 80 on that server. Which reason for the problem is most likely true?

A. A VLAN number is incorrect.

B. A Route is missing

C. An ARP table entry is missing.

D. An ACL is blocking the TCP port.

Answer: D

New Questions 22

What is true about Cisco Discovery Protocol ?

A. it discovers the routers, switches and gateways.

B. it is network layer protocol

C. it is physical and data link layer protocol

D. it is Cisco proprietary protocol

Answer: D

New Questions 23

Which Type of ipv6 unicast ip address is reachable across the internet ?

A. Unique Local

B. Compatible

C. Link Local

D. Global

Answer: D

New Questions 24

Which type of routing protocol operates by exchanging the entire routing information ?

A. distance vector protocols

B. link state protocols

C. path vector protocols

D. exterior gateway protocols

Answer: A

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