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Q1. Which two configurations can you perform to allow Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunks to send an offer in the INVITE? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable the Media Termination Point Required option on the SIP trunk. 

B. Enable the Early Offer Support for Voice and Video Calls option on the SIP profile. 

C. Select the Display IE Delivery check box in the gateway configuration. 

D. Select the Enable Inbound FastStart check box on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers. 

E. Select the SRTP Allowed check box on the SIP trunk. 

F. Execute the isdn switch-type primary-ni command globally. 

Answer: A,B 

Q2. What is the difference between an H.323 gateway and a SIP gateway? 

A. An H.323 gateway requires that dial peers be configured before PSTN calls can be placed and received. The SIP gateway requires no dial peers. 

B. The H.323 gateway can be added in Cisco Unified Communications Manager under gateway type as H.323 Gateway. The SIP gateway can connect to Cisco Unified Communications Manager only through a SIP trunk. 

C. A SIP gateway requires a call agent for PSTN calls to be placed and received. An H.323 gateway does not require a call agent for PSTN calls to be placed and received. 

D. An H.323 gateway can register with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. A SIP gateway will show status of "Unknown". 

E. The H.323 gateway must be configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager using a valid IP address on the gateway. The SIP gateway must be configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager using the domain name. 


Q3. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which option describes the effect of this configuration? 

A. It implements Cisco United CME redundancy. 

B. It creates dial peers. 

C. It configures failover. 

D. It configures a standby Cisco United CME. 

E. It implements HSRP. 

F. It implements Cisco IOS redundancy. 


Q4. Refer to the exhibit. 

What should the destination IP address be configured as on the HQ and BR1 SIP trunks? 

A. The HQ SIP trunk destination IP address should be The BR1 SIP trunk destination IP address should be 

B. The destination IP address is not configurable. Each cluster will learn about the remote trunk IP address through SAF learned routes. 

C. The destination IP address will be learned automatically and configured on the SIP trunks after the Cisco Unified Communications Managers discover themselves. 

D. The HQ SIP trunk destination IP address should be the HQ SAF Forwarder IP address. The BR1 SIP trunk destination IP address should be the BR1 SAF Forwarder IP address. 



Incorrect Answer: A, C, D 

The gatekeeper changes the IP address of this remote device dynamically to reflect the IP address of the remote device. 



Q5. Which E.164 transformation pattern represents phone numbers in Germany? 

A. \+49.! 

B. 49.! 

C. \49.! 

D. \+49.X 


Q6. The VCS Expressway can be configured with security controls to safeguard external calls and endpoints. One such option is the control of trusted endpoints via a whitelist. Where is this option enabled? 

A. on the voice-enabled firewall at the edge of the network 

B. on the VCS under Configuration > registration > configuration 

C. on the TMS server under Registrations > whitelist 

D. on the VCS under System > configuration > Registrations 


Q7. Which two entities could be represented by device mobility groups? (Choose two.) 

A. countries 

B. regions 

C. directory numbers 

D. transcoders 

Answer: A,B 

Q8. When using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode, how many multicast music on hold streams can be utilized by the system at any given time? 

A. 3 

B. 6 

C. 2 

D. 4 

E. 1 

F. 5 


Q9. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which configuration change is needed to enable NANP international dialing during MGCP fallback? 

A. Change the dial peer to dial-peer voice 901 voip. 

B. Change the dial peer to dial-peer voice 9011 pots. 

C. Add the command prefix 011 to the dial peer. 

D. Add the command prefix 9011 to the dial peer.