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Q91. Which method can be used to address variable-length dial plans? 

A. Overlap sending and receiving. 

B. Add a prefix for all calls that are longer than 10-digits long 

C. Use nested translation patterns to eliminate inter-digit timeout 

D. Use the @macro on the route pattern 

E. Use MGCP gateways, which support variable-length dial plans 



Incorrect Answer: B, C, D, E If the dial plan contains overlapping patterns, Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not route the call until the interdigit timer expires (even if it is possible to dial a sequence of digits to choose a current match). Check this check box to interrupt interdigit timing when Cisco Unified Communications Manager must route a call immediately. By default, the Urgent Priority check box displays as checked. Unless your dial plan contains overlapping patterns or variable length patterns that contain!, Cisco recommends that you do not uncheck the check box. Link: 

Q92. Which system configuration is used to set a restriction on audio bandwidth? 

A. region 

B. location 

C. physical location 

D. licensing 


Q93. Refer to the exhibit. 

What is the correct value to use for the "DSCP for TelePresence Calls" Cisco CallManager service parameter? 

A. 28 (011100) 

B. 34 (100010) 

C. 41 (101001) 

D. 46 (101110) 


Q94. When considering Extension Mobility, what happens if a user logs into a phone for which the user does not have a user device profile? 

A. The phone reboots with an error. 

B. If a default device profile for this phone has been configured, it is loaded. 

C. The user cannot log in. 

D. Another user device profile is loaded. 


Q95. Which configuration command disables the secondary dial tone on the branch office ISR for users calling from the PSTN into the branch office during a WAN failure? 

A. direct-inward-dial 

B. voice translation-rule 

C. incoming called-number 

D. application 


Q96. When device mobility mode is enabled or disabled for a cluster, to which does the cluster setting apply? 

A. all phones in the cluster that support device mobility 

B. all phones in the cluster that subscribed to device mobility 

C. mobile phones in the cluster that support device mobility 

D. mobile phones in the cluster that are in default mode 


Q97. Refer to the exhibit. 

How does the Cisco Unified Communications Manager advertise dn-block 1? 

A. 4XXX and the ToDID will 0: 

B. 4XXX and the ToDID will 0:1972555 

C. 4XXX 

D. 4XXX and the ToDID will 0:+ 1972555 

E. 19725554XXX 


Q98. Which statement about H.323 Gatekeeper Call Admission Control is true? 

A. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control applies to centralized Cisco Unified Communications deployments that use locations based Call Admission Control. 

B. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control applies to distributed Cisco Unified Communications deployments. 

C. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control applies only to distributed Cisco Unified Communications Express deployments. 

D. Gatekeeper Call Admission Control setting is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 



Incorrect Answer: A, C, D in distributed call processing deployments on a simple hub-and-spoke topology, you can implement call admission control with a Cisco IOS gatekeeper. In this design, the call processing agent (which could be a Unified CM cluster, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (Unified CME), or an H.323 gateway) registers with the Cisco IOS gatekeeper and queries it each time the agent wants to place an IP WAN call. Link: 

Q99. When Cisco Extension Mobility is implemented, how is the audio source for the MOH selected? 

A. The audio source that is configured at the user device profile is selected. 

B. The audio source that is configured at the home phone of the user is selected. 

C. The audio source that is configured at the physical phone used for the Cisco Extension Mobility login is selected. 

D. The audio source that is configured in the IP Voice Media Streaming parameters is selected. 



Incorrect Answer: B, C, D To specify the audio source that plays when a user initiates a hold action, choose an audio source from the User Hold MOH Audio Source drop-down list box from device profile configuration settings. Link: 

Q100. You are deploying a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution with MGCP gateways at multiple locations. Which firewall and ACL configuration must you perform to allow the MCGP gateways to function correctly? 

A. Allow access to TCP port 2428. 

B. Block TCP port 1720. 

C. Open access to all TCP and UDP ports. 

D. Allow access to TCP port 1720. 

E. Block access to TCP ports 2427 and 2428. 


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