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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Question No: 2

How is the peer address configured when ExpresswayE has only one NIC enabled and is using static NAT mode?

A. Expressway-E DHCP

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager DHCP

C. Expressway-E FQDN

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager FQDN

Answer: C

Question No: 3

An administrator is visiting a remote site that has on-net calls with headquarters and one voice gateway for PSTN calls. When using RTMT to monitor the bandwidth utilization of the remote site, the administrator notices the OutOfResources counter for the site in LBM has been increasing slowly in last two weeks, but no call failure reports have been sent from this site. Which description about this issue is true?

A. The bandwidth settings of the site are fulfilling on-net call volume.

B. AAR is routing some of the calls.

C. The location-based CAC does not work properly.

D. The LBM service is malfunctioning.

Answer: B

Question No: 4

Which situation requires TCP port 443 to be open for packets that are sourced from the Internet with a destination in the corporate DMZ?

A. when video endpoints that reside on the Internet require administrative access to the Cisco Expressway Edge

B. when you require encrypted calls to endpoints on your corporate LAN

C. when you want to enable calls to web applications by using HTTP

D. when you require administrative access to the Cisco Expressway Edge from the Internet

Answer: D

Question No: 5

Which option best describes a service that assembles a network model from configured locations and link data in one or more clusters?

A. LBM Hub


C. Shadow

D. Weight

Answer: B

Question No: 6

Which function can be implemented without MTP resources?

A. DTMF relay conversion

B. terminating a media stream that uses the same codec

C. music on hold

D. SIP early offer

Answer: B

Question No: 7

When you configure a globalized dial plan, in which three ways can you enable ingress gateways to process calls? (Choose three.)

A. Configure the called-party transformation settings for incoming calls on H.323 gateways.

B. Configure translation patterns in the partitions used by the gateway calling search space.

C. Configure SIP trunks between Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters.

D. Configure a remote site device pool.

E. Configure a hunt group.

F. Configure the gateway with prefix digits to add necessary country and region codes.

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 8

For which two reasons should you mark AF41 as the audio and video channels of a video call?

A. to allow high-definition quality calls over low-speed links

B. to give video calls a higher priority than AF41 in the QoS policy

C. to provide separate classes for audio-only calls and video calls

D. to prioritize video over other high-priority traffic classes

E. to preserve lip synchronization between the audio and video channels

Answer: D,E

Question No: 9

Which statement about setting up FindMe in Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server is true?

A. Users are allowed to delete or change the address of their principal devices.

B. Endpoints should register with an alias that is the same as an existing FindMe ID.

C. If VCS is using Cisco TMS provisioning, users manage their FindMe accounts via VCS.

D. A VCS cluster name must be configured.

Answer: D

Question No: 10

Which option configures call preservation for H.323-based SRST mode?

A. voice service voip h323 call preserve

B. call preservation not possible with H.323

C. call-manager-fallback preserve-call

D. dial-peer voice 1 voip call preserve

Answer: A

Question No: 11

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is settings up a new deployment and wants to use the Cisco VCS Control as a gateway for SIP and H.323 endpoints. Which Cisco VCS configuration step must be performed to allow onset and offset calling?

A. Set the H.323mode On

B. Set the IP mode On.

C. Set the Gatekeeper Auto Discover mode On

D. Set the Interworking mode On.

Answer: B

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