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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Which functionality is required within an IP router that is situated at the boundary of an IPv4 network and an IPv6 network to allow communication between IPv6-only and IPv4-only nodes?

A. Autoconfiguration

B. Automatic 6to4 Tunnel

C. Automatic 6to4 Relay

D. Network Address Translator-Protocol Translator (NAT-PT)

E. Intrasite Automatic Tunnel Address Protocol (ISATAP)

Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. Router DHCP is configured to lease IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to clients on ALS1 and ALS2. Clients on ALS2 receive IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Clients on ALS1 receive IPv4 addresses. Which configuration on DSW1 allows clients on ALS1 to receive IPv6 addresses?

A. DSW1 (config-if)# ipv6 helper address 2002:404:404::404:404

B. DSW1 (config)#ipv6 route 2002:404:404::404:404/128 FastEthernet 1/0

C. DSW1 (dhcp-config)# default-router 2002:A04:A01::A04:A01

D. DSW1 (config)# ipv6 dhcp relay destination 2002:404:404::404:404 GigabitEthernet 1/2

Answer: D

Q3. Which two types of threshold can you configure for tracking objects? (Choose Two)

A. percentage


C. bandwidth

D. weight

E. delay

F. administrative distance

Answer: A,D

Q4. In IPv6, the interfaces running OSPF can be configured with multiple address prefixes.

Which statement is true about the IPv6 addresses that can be included into the OSPF process?

A. Specific addresses cannot be selected for importation into the OSPF process.

B. Specific addresses can be selected using an ACL.

C. Specific addresses can be selected using a route map.

D. Specific addresses can be selected using a prefix list.

Answer: A

Explanation: BGP.pdf (slide 20, 3rd bullet)

Q5. Which two GRE features can you configure to prevent fragmentation? (Choose Two)


B. MTU ignore


D. UDP windows sizes


F. DF bit clear

Answer: C,F

Q6. Which command prevents routers from sending routing updates through a router interface?

A. default u2013metric 0

B. distribute-list in

C. passive-interface

D. distribute-list out

Answer: C

Q7. A network engineer executes the commands logging host and logging trap

5. Which action results when these two commands are executed together?

A. Logging messages that have a debugging severity level are sent to the remote server

B. Logged information is stored locally, showing the sources as

C. Logging messages that have any severity level are sent to the remote server

D. Logging messages that have a severity level of u201cnotificationsu201d and above (numerically lower) are sent to the remote server

Answer: D

Q8. Which IP SLA operation can be used to measure round-trip delay for the full path and hop- by-hop round-trip delay on the network?


B. ICMP path echo

C. TCP connect

D. ICMP echo

Answer: B

Q9. A network engineer enables OSPF on a Frame Relay WAN connection with circuit-id 28468340 to various remote sites, but no OSPF adjacencies come up. Which two actions are possible solutions for this issue? (Choose Two)

A. Change the network type to point-to-multipoint under WAN interface.

B. Enable virtual links.

C. Change the network type to nonbroadcast multipoint access.

D. Configure the neighbor command under OSPF process for each remote site.

E. Ensure that the OSPF process number matches among all remote sites

Answer: A,D

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

Based upon the configuration, you need to understand why the policy routing match counts are not increasing. Which would be the first logical step to take?

A. Confirm if there are other problematic route-map statements that precede divert.

B. Check the access list for log hits.

C. Check the routing table for

D. Remove any two of the set clauses. (Multiple set clause entries will cause PBR to use the routing table.)

Answer: B

Explanation: Explanation

First we should check the access-list log, if the hit count does not increase then no packets are matched the access-list -> the policy based routing match counts will not increase.

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