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Q51. Refer to the exhibit.

Which set of configurations will result in all ports on both switches successfully bundling into an EtherChannel?

A. switch1

channel-group 1 mode active switch2

channel-group 1 mode auto

B. switch1

channel-group 1 mode desirable switch2

channel-group 1 mode passive

C. switch1

channel-group 1 mode on switch2

channel-group 1 mode auto

D. switch1

channel-group 1 mode desirable switch2

channel-group 1 mode auto

Answer: D

Q52. When you configure private VLANs on a switch, which port type connects the switch to the gateway router?

A. promiscuous

B. community

C. isolated

D. trunked

Answer: A

Q53. which feature is automatically enabled when a voice VLAN is configured, but not automatically disabled when a voice VLAN is removed?

A. portfast

B. port-security

C. spanning tree

D. storm control

Answer: A

Q54. Refer to the exhibit.

The network switches for two companies have been connected and manually configured for the required VLANs, but users in company A are not able to access network resources in company B when DTP is enabled. Which action resolves this problem?

A. Delete vlan.dat and ensure that the switch with lowest MAC address is the VTP server.

B. Disable DTP and document the VTP domain mismatch.

C. Manually force trunking with switchport mode trunk on both switches.

D. Enable the company B switch with the vtp mode server command.

Answer: C

Q55. Refer to the exhibit.

Which option describes the reason for this message in a GLBP configuration?

A. Unavailable GLBP active forwarder

B. Incorrect GLBP IP address

C. HSRP configured on same interface as GLBP

D. Layer 2 loop

Answer: D

Far out 300-115 vce:

Q56. Which authentication service is needed to configure 802.1x?

A. RADIUS with EAP Extension


C. RADIUS with CoA


Answer: A

Q57. Which feature must be enabled to eliminate the broadcasting of all unknown traffic to switches that are not participating in the specific VLAN?

A. VTP pruning

B. port-security

C. storm control

D. bpdguard

Answer: A

Q58. Which configuration command ties the router hot standby priority to the availability of its interfaces?

A. standby group

B. standby priority

C. backup interface

D. standby track

Answer: D

Q59. Refer to the exhibit.

All ports are members of VLAN 10. Considering the default cost of upstream bridges to the root bridge is equal, which option will be the new root port for VLAN 10?

A. interface f0/13

B. interface f0/14

C. interface f0/15

D. interface f0/21

Answer: D

Q60. On which interface can port security be configured?

A. static trunk ports

B. destination port for SPAN

C. EtherChannel port group

D. dynamic access point

Answer: A