Best Quality of 300-115 exam price materials and study guides for Cisco certification for examinee, Real Success Guaranteed with Updated 300-115 pdf dumps vce Materials. 100% PASS Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks exam Today!2016 Apr 300-115 Study Guide Questions:Q65. A network engineer wants to add a new switch to an existing switch stack. Which configuration must be added to the new switch before it can be added to the switch stack?A. No configuration must be added.B. stack IDC. IP addressD. VLAN informationE. VTP informationAnswer: AQ66. A network engineer tries to configure storm control on an EtherChannel bundle. What is the result of the configuration?A. The storm control settings will appear on the EtherChannel, but not on the associated physical ports.B. The configuration will be rejected because storm control is not supported for EtherChannel.C. The storm control configuration will be accepted, but will only be present on the physical interfaces.D. The settings will be applied to the EtherChannel bundle and all associated physical interfaces.Answer: DQ67. If a network engineer applies the command mac-address-table notification mac-move on a Cisco switch port, when is a syslog message generated?A. A MAC address or host moves between different switch ports.B. A new MAC address is added to the content-addressable memory.C. A new MAC address is removed from the content-addressable memory.D. More than 64 MAC addresses are added to the content-addressable memory.Answer: AQ68. Refer to the exhibit.A network engineer investigates a recent network failure and notices that one of the interfaces on the switch is still down. What is causing the line protocol on this interface to be shown as down?A. There is a layer 1 physical issue.B. There is a speed mismatch on the interface.C. The interface is configured as the target of the SPAN session.D. The interface is configured as the source of the SPAN session.E. There is a duplex mismatch on the interface.Answer: CQ69. Refer to the exhibit.Users of PC-1 experience slow connection when a webpage is requested from the server. To increase bandwidth, the network engineer configured an EtherChannel on interfaces Fa1/0 and Fa0/1 of the server farm switch, as shown here:Server_Switch#sh etherchannel load-balance EtherChannel Load-Balancing Operational State (src-mac): Non-IP: Source MAC addressIPv4: Source MAC address IPv6: Source IP address Server_Switch#However, traffic is still slow. Which action can the engineer take to resolve this issue?A. Disable EtherChannel load balancing.B. Upgrade the switch IOS to IP services image.C. Change the load-balance method to dst-mac.D. Contact Cisco TAC to report a bug on the switch.Answer: CRenew cbt nuggets 300-115:Q70. Which statement describes what happens if all VSL connections between the virtual switchmembers are lost?A. Both virtual switch members cease to forward traffic.B. The VSS transitions to the dual active recovery mode, and both virtual switch members continue to forward traffic independently.C. The virtual switch members reload.D. The VSS transitions to the dual active recovery mode, and only the new active virtual switch continues to forward traffic.Answer: DQ71. Interface FastEthernet0/1 is configured as a trunk interface that allows all VLANs. This command is configured globally:monitor session 2 filter vlan 1 - 8, 39, 52What is the result of the implemented command?A. All VLAN traffic is sent to the SPAN destination interface.B. Traffic from VLAN 4 is not sent to the SPAN destination interface.C. Filtering a trunked SPAN port effectively disables SPAN operations for all VLANs.D. The trunk's native VLAN must be changed to something other than VLAN 1.E. Traffic from VLANs 1 to 8, 39, and 52 is replicated to the SPAN destination port.Answer: EQ72. A network engineer must adjust the STP interface attributes to influence root port selection. Which two elements are used to accomplish this? (Choose two.)A. port-priorityB. costC. forward-timersD. link typeE. root guardAnswer: A,BQ73. Which option lists the information that is contained in a Cisco Discovery Protocol advertisement?A. native VLAN IDs, port-duplex, hardware platformB. native VLAN IDs, port-duplex, memory errorsC. native VLAN IDs, memory errors, hardware platformD. port-duplex, hardware platform, memory errorsAnswer: AQ74. Which statement describes what happens when a switch enters dual active recovery mode?A. The switch shuts down and waits for the VSL link to be restored before sending traffic.B. All interfaces are shut down in the formerly active virtual switch member, but the new active virtual switch forwards traffic on all links.C. The switch continues to forward traffic out all links and enables spanning tree on VSL link and all other links to prevent loops.D. The VSS detects which system was last in active state and shuts down the other switch.Answer: BVerified ccnp routing and switching switch 300-115 official cert guide:Q75. Refer to the exhibit.What is the result of the configuration?A. The EtherChannels would not form because the load-balancing method must match on the devices.B. The EtherChannels would form and function properly even though the load-balancing and EtherChannel modes do not match.C. The EtherChannels would form, but network loops would occur because the load- balancing methods do not match.D. The EtherChannels would form and both devices would use the dst-ip load-balancing method because Switch1 is configured with EtherChannel mode active.Answer: BQ76. On which interface can port security be configured?A. static trunk portsB. destination port for SPANC. EtherChannel port groupD. dynamic access pointAnswer: AQ77. Which First Hop Redundancy Protocol is an IEEE Standard?A. GLBPB. HSRPC. VRRPD. OSPFAnswer: CQ78. What is the default interval at which Cisco devices send Cisco Discovery Protocol advertisements?A. 30 secondsB. 60 secondsC. 120 secondsD. 300 secondsAnswer: BQ79. Refer to the exhibit.Which EtherChannel negotiation protocol is configured on the interface f0/13 – f0/15?A. Link Combination Control ProtocolB. Port Aggregation ProtocolC. Port Combination ProtocolD. Link Aggregation Control ProtocolAnswer: BQ80. Which private VLAN access port belongs to the primary VLAN and can communicate with all interfaces, including the community and isolated host ports?A. promiscuous portB. isolated portC. community portD. trunk portAnswer: A