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New Cisco 300-208 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

Q1. Which statement about the Cisco ISE BYOD feature is true?

A. Use of SCEP/CA is optional.

B. BYOD works only on wireless access.

C. Cisco ISE needs to integrate with MDM to support BYOD.

D. Only mobile endpoints are supported.

Answer: A

Q2. When you select Centralized Web Auth in the ISE Authorization Profile, which component hosts the web authentication portal?

A. the endpoints

B. the WLC

C. the access point

D. the switch


Answer: E

Q3. Which functionality does the Cisco ISE self-provisioning flow provide?

A. It provides support for native supplicants, allowing users to connect devices directly to the network.

B. It provides the My Devices portal, allowing users to add devices to the network.

C. It provides support for users to install the Cisco NAC agent on enterprise devices.

D. It provides self-registration functionality to allow guest users to access the network.

Answer: A

Q4. Which option is the correct format of username in MAB authentication?

A. host/LSB67.cisco.com

B. chris@cisco.com

C. 10:41:7F:46:9F:89

D. CISCO\chris

Answer: C

Q5. You have configured a Cisco ISE 1.2 deployment for self-registration of guest users. What two options can you select from to determine when the account duration timer begins? (Choose two.)

A. CreateTime

B. FirstLogin

C. BeginLogin

D. StartTime

Answer: A,B

Q6. Which 802.1X command ignores Access-Reject during EAP authentication?

A. dot1x pae authenticator

B. switchport mode access

C. authentication port-control auto

D. authentication open

E. authentication host-mode multi-domain

Answer: D

Q7. Which statement about the CAK is true?

A. It is the master key that generates the other keys that MACsec requires.

B. Failed MACsec connections fall back to MAB by default.

C. It is the key that is used to discover MACsec peers and perform key negotiation between the peers.

D. It is the secret key that encrypts traffic during the connection.

E. It is the key that is used to negotiate session encryption keys.

Answer: A

Q8. Which attribute is needed for Cisco ISE to profile a device with HTTP probe?

A. user-agent


C. host-name

D. cdp-cache-platform

E. dhcp-class-identifier

F. sysDescr

Answer: A

Q9. Cisco 802.1X phasing enables flexible deployments through the use of open, low-impact, and closed modes. What is a unique characteristic of the most secure mode?

A. Granular ACLs applied prior to authentication

B. Per user dACLs applied after successful authentication

C. Only EAPoL traffic allowed prior to authentication

D. Adjustable 802.1X timers to enable successful authentication

Answer: C

Q10. A company wants to allow employees to register and manage their own devices that do not support NSP. Which portals enable this?

A. MDM portals

B. Client provisioning portals

C. My devices portals

D. BYOD Portals

Answer: C

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