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Q1. Which three options are features of IP SLAs? (Choose three.)

A. enables verification of service guarantees

B. dynamically adjusts QoS parameters

C. validates network performance and metrics

D. initiates failover for saturated links

E. proactively identifies network related issues

Answer: A,C,E

Q2. Which two statements correctly identify considerations to take into account when deciding on Campus QoS Design elements? (Choose two.)

A. Voice needs to be assigned to the hardware priority queue.

B. Voice needs to be assigned to the software priority queue.

C. Call signaling must have guaranteed bandwidth service.

D. Strict-priority queuing should be limited to 50 percent of the capacity of the link.

E. At least 33 percent of the link bandwidth should be reserved for default best-effort class.

Answer: A,C

Q3. A network designer wants to improve security at the edge of the network and allow routing protocols to communicate without any additional configuration. What firewall mode meets the design requirements?

A. routed

B. zoned

C. context

D. transparent

Answer: D

Q4. What SAN technology can accomplish fabric infrastructure implementation using multiple fabrics?





Answer: A

Q5. Which option describes why duplicate IP addresses reside on the same network in Cisco network design?

A. HSRP designed network

B. Using Cisco ACE in active/passive mode

C. VRRP designed network

D. Running multiple routing protocols

Answer: B


Strange Q. Wrong config on FHRP could also end up in duplicate address. EDIT: Actually, the Q ask for a VALID design where there is duplicate address.

Topic 2, Exam Pool B

101.Which of the following two are effective and simple means of employing route summarization within the

Enterprise Campus network? (Choose two)

A. A default route ( /0) advertised dynamically into the rest of the network

B. Route filtering to manage traffic flows in the network, avoid inappropriate transit traffic through remote nodes, and provide a defense against inaccurate or inappropriate routing updates

C. Use manual split horizon

D. Use a structured hierarchical topology to control the propagation of EIGRP queries

E. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) stub areas

Q6. Which three Layer 2 access designs have all of their uplinks in an active state? (Choose three.)

A. Flex Links

B. loop-free U

C. looped square

D. looped triangle

E. loop-free inverted U

Answer: B,C,E

Q7. How does ERS use the VLAN tag?

A. to provide service internetworking

B. to support transparency for Layer 2 frames

C. as a connection identifier to indicate destination

D. as a mapping to the DLCI in service internetworking

E. to provide a trunk by which all VLANs can navigate from one site to one or multiple sites

Answer: C

Q8. A company's virtualization team wants to transfer control of network switching and policy management for VMware virtual servers to the networking team. What Cisco network virtualization solution should be implemented?

A. Unified Computing System

B. Nexus distributed virtual switch

C. virtual network agent

D. Nexus unified fabric switch

Answer: B

Explanation: Nexus 1000v

Q9. What network storage protocol uses a connection standard incompatible with shared 10Gb Ethernet physical connection?






Answer: C

Q10. Which technology allows multiple instances of a routing table to coexist on the same router simultaneously?


B. Cisco virtual router

C. Instanced virtuer router


Answer: A

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