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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

Question No: 14

Which two SCCP call signaling messages are initiated by Cisco Unified Communications Manager to an lP phone? (Choose two.)

A. SoftKeyEvent

B. CloseReceiveChannelAck

C. CallState

D. KeypadButton

E. OpenReceiveChannel

F. Offhook

Answer: C, E


Upon receiving anOpenReceiveChannelmessage, the lP phone selects the UDP port number it wants to use to receive RTP packets and reports this information to call manager.

With the SCCP protocol architecture, the majority of the H.323 processing power resides in an H.323 proxy - the Cisco CallManager. The end stations (lP phones) run the Skinny client, which consumes less processing overhead. The client communicates with CallManager using connection-oriented (TCP/lP-based) communication to establish a call with another H.323-compliant end station. Once Cisco CallManager has established the call, the two H.323 end stations use connectionless (UDP/lP-based) communication for audio transmissions.

Question No: 15

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has two Cisco Unified Communication manager 9.X clusters that serve the same location. An engineer has attempted to set up Enhanced Location call admission control so that any call within a site between phones on the two clusters do not decrement the available bandwidth to and from that site. However, the real time monitoring tool currently shows bandwidth being used from the site to Hub_none. When a call is placed between phones at the site, which action must be taken to correct this situation?

A. The link between clusters must be a type of inter-cluster trunk instead of a sip trunk.

B. The hub_none location must have a link configuration to the phantom location.

C. The device pool names must match between clusters.

D. The Hub_none location must have a link configured to the shadow location.

E. The SlP trunks should be changed to use the shadow location.

Answer: E

Question No: 16

Refer to the exhibit.

When enabling Group and Persistent Chat in an lM&P server, the administrator encountered the problem shown. Which two solutions resolve the issue? (Choose two)

A. Configure the external database to listen in the correct port.

B. Restart the Cisco Route Datastore service in the lm&P server.

C. Make sure the group chat system administrator has access.

D. Configure a new host under Group Chat Server Alias.

E. Fix the user permissions on the external database.

Answer: A, E

Question No: 17

Which two mechanisms does Cisco EnergyWise use for neighbor discovery? (Choose two.)

A. multicast


C. UDP broadcast

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol


Answer: C, D


Cisco EnergyWise Neighbor Discovery Process

The Cisco EnergyWise neighbor discovery process is the mechanism by which domain members discover each other and populate their Cisco EnergyWise neighbor tables. Cisco EnergyWise queries can subsequently be distributed to all domain members using the neighbor relationships to monitor and control the power usage of devices within a domain. Cisco EnergyWise domain members automatically discover their neighbors through one of two mechanisms:

Cisco EnergyWise UDP broadcast packet

Cisco EnergyWise CDP packets

UDP broadcast packets are automatically sent out switch ports which support Cisco EnergyWise, regardless of whether the interfaces are configured with the no energywise interface-level command. CDP packets are sent when CDP is configured for the switch ports.


Question No: 18

The Director of lnformation Security of your company wants to log all calls when a user's phone goes off-hook and immediately back to on-hook in Call Detail Records.

Which option is the minimum Cisco Unified CM Service Parameter configuration that is needed to ensure compliance to this policy?

A. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True and set Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enable Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True.

B. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True and set Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enable Regardless of CDR Enabled Flag.

C. Set CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag to True.

D. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True.

E. Set CDR Enabled Flag and CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag to True.

Answer: D

Question No: 19

Refer to the exhibit.

You have received UCM SDl trace from a client who is having issues with conference calls.

Based on the information in the trace file, what could be the possible cause of conference failure? (Choose three)

A. Conference Bridge only supports G711

B. Transcoder is missing in MRGL

C. Region relationship is null between Conference Bridge and phones

D. Region relationship is set to G729 between Conference Bridge and phones

E. Conference bridge capabilities count is 0

F. Media termination point is missing from MRGL

Answer: ABD

Question No: 20

Refer to the exhibit.

A user is on an outbound call through a Cisco Unified border Element gateway. When the user places the call on hold, the remote party hears silence. The Cisco Unified Communication Manager Cluster is using multicast on hold. The Cisco Unified Border Element Gateway is on the same subnet as the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Cluster. Which two options will resolve this issue? (Choose two)

A. Media flow-through must be configured.

B. CCM-manager music-on-hold should be removed from the configuration.

C. The session transport UDP command must be configured.

D. The Cisco unified border Element router must be set up for gateway-based MOH.

E. The pass-thru content sdp command should be removed.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 21

Refer to the exhibit.

A CUCM engineer is working with Globalization and localization on H323 gateway. Which four configuration changes are needed to achieve the result on the exhibit? (Choose four)

A. Create a CSS and PT for calling party transformation pattern.

B. Create a transformation profile and add 9011 in the international number prefix field.

C. Assign a transformation profile in the incoming transformation profile setting in the E 164 transformation number prefix field.

D. Assign the calling party transformation CSS to the device pools in the cluster.

E. Uncheck the use device pool calling party transformation CSS on all the phones.

Answer: A,B,C,E

Question No: 22

Refer to the exhibit.

Which option correctly describes the output shown?

A. Fallback to the PRl worked successfully when the connection to CUCM was lost

B. The ccm switchback uptime-delay was incorrectly set to immediate instead of graceful

C. Redundant CUCM server will be tried after 15 seconds has passed

D. ccm-manager fallback-mgcp command was missing from the configuration

Answer: A

Question No: 23

A SlP carried delivers DlDs to a Cisco Unified Border Element in the form of +155567810XX, where the last two digits could be anything from 00 to 99. To match the internal dial plan, that number must be changed to 6785XXX, where the last two digits should be retained. Which two translation profiles create the required outcome? (Choose two)

A. rule 1 /555\(.*\).*\(.*\)/ /\150\2/

B. rule 1 /+ 1555\(.\).\(.\)$/ /\15\2/

C. rule 1 /"\+ 1555\(678\)10\(..\)$/ /\150\2/

D. rule 1 /"15+678\(. .\)/678\1/

E. rule 1 /.15+678?10?\(..\)/ /67850\1/

Answer: C, E

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