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Q311. Which protocol uses a proprietary 2-byte Type field for multiple protocol support? 






Q312. With AutoInstall, which mechanism allows for automatic addressing of the serial interface using HDLC? 







Drag and drop the BGP attribute on the left to the correct category on the right. 


Q314. Which three statements about GLBP are true? (Choose three.) 

A. It uses a virtual MAC address that starts with 0007.b4. 

B. It elects a single active virtual gateway to appoint and manage multiple active virtual forwarders. 

C. It allows the configured virtual IP address to be used on a physical interface as well. 

D. It uses a virtual MAC address that starts with 0070.4b. 

E. It elects multiple active virtual gateways to appoint and manage a single active virtual forwarder. 

F. Preemption is enabled for the configured active virtual gateway by default. 

Answer: A,B,C 


The virtual MAC address in GLBP is 0007.b400.xxyy where xx is the GLBP group number and yy is the different number of each gateway (01, 02, 03…). One of the routers in a GLBP group is elected as an AVG – Active Virtual Gateway. There is only one active AVG in a group, and its task is to respond to ARP requests sent to the virtual gateway IP address replying different virtual MAC addresses in response packets. GLBP allows the configured virtual IP address to be used on a physical interface. By default, the GLBP gateway preemptive scheme is disabled. A backup virtual gateway can become the AVG only if the current AVG fails, regardless of the priorities assigned to the virtual gateways. 


Drag and drop the Cisco IOS XE subpackage on the left to the function it performs on the right. 


Q316. Refer to the exhibit. 

Notice that debug ip bgp updates have been enabled. What can you conclude from the debug output? 

A. This is the result of the clear ip bgp in command. 

B. This is the result of the clear ip bgp out command. 

C. BGP neighbor performed a graceful restart. 

D. BGP neighbor established a new BGP session. 



If you enter the clear ip bgp out command for a BGP peer, that router resends its BGP prefixes to that peer. This does not cause a change in the best path on the receiving BGP peer. Hence, there is no change in the Table Version on that peer. 

When you run the debug ip bgp updates on the receiving router, you see: 

BGP(0): rcvd UPDATE w/ attr: nexthop, origin i, metric 0, merged path 4, AS_PATH 

BGP(0): rcvd ignored 

The received update is recognized as a duplicate, so it is ignored and no best path change occurs. 


Q317. Which two statements about GLBP are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Packets are forwarded by multiple routers that share one virtual IP address. 

B. The active router forwards packets received on one virtual IP and MAC address. 

C. The standby router forwards packets when the active router fails. 

D. Hosts on the network are configured with multiple gateways for load balancing. 

E. Routers in a GLBP group can share multiple virtual MAC addresses. 

Answer: A,E 

Q318. In which two situations is an EIGRP hello packet sent as unicast? (Choose two.) 

A. during neighbor discovery 

B. when link costs change 

C. when the neighbor command is used 

D. when an ACK is sent 

Answer: C,D 


Drag and drop the NAT operations on the left into the correct sequential order on the right. 


Q320. Which IP SLA operation type is enhanced by the use of the IP SLAs Responder? 



C. ICMP Echo 

D. UDP Echo 



Figure 1. UDP Echo Operation 

Response time (round-trip time) is computed by measuring the time taken between sending a UDP echo request message from Device B to the destination device--Device A--and receiving a UDP echo reply from Device A. UDP echo accuracy is enhanced by using the IP SLAs Responder at Device A, the destination Cisco device. If the destination device is a Cisco device, then IP SLAs sends a UDP datagram to any port number that you specified. Using the IP SLAs Responder is optional for a UDP echo operation when using Cisco devices. The IP SLAs Responder cannot be configured on non-Cisco devices. 


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