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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

Q14. In a typical three-node OpenStack deployment, which two components are part of the controller note ? (Choose two)

A. Neutron server plugin

B. Neutron DHCP agent

C. Neutron layer 2 agent

D. Identify Service

E. Neutron Layer 3 agent

Answer: A,D

Q15. Which regular expression will match prefixes from the AS 200 that directly connected to our AS?

A. A$

B. A200)

C. _200$

D. A200_ E- _200_

Answer: D

Q16. Which option describes how a router responds if LSA throttling is configured and it receives the identical LSA before the interval is set?

A. The LSA is added to the OSPF database and a notification is sent to the sending router to slowdown its LSA packet updates.

B. The LSA is added to the OSPF database.

C. The LSA is ignored.

D. The LSA is ignored and a notification is sent to the sending router to slow down its LSA packet Updates.

Answer: C

Q17. Which interior gateway protocol is based on open standards, uses a shortest-path first algorithm , provides native protocols, and operates at the data link layer?





Answer: A

Q18. n an STP domain. Which two topology are true a nonroot switch, when it reveives a configuration BPDU from the root bridge with the TC bit set? (Choose two)

A. It does not recalculate the STP topology upon receiving change notification from the root switch.

B. It sets the MAC table aging time to max_age time.

C. It recalculates the STP topology upon receiving topology change notification from the root switch.

D. It sets the MAC table aging time to forward_delay time.

Answer: A,D

Q19. When is it useful to disable split horizon on an EIGRP interface?

A. Disable it when you want to provide additional backup paths in your network.

B. Disable it when you want to send routes that are learned from another routing protocol to peer on the same interface.

C. Disable it when you need to send updates to peers on the interface on which the updates were received.

D. It is never advisable to disable split horizon on an EIGRP interface.

Answer: C

Q20. Which statement about Auto-RP is true ?

A. All interface s must be configured in sparse modE.

B. All interfaces must be configured in sparse-dense mode.

C. All interfaces must be configured in dense modE.

D. An RP that it tied to a loopback address must be configured.

Answer: B

Q21. Exhibit:

Which option describes the meaning of this console message?

A. An EIGRP hold timer has expired.

B. FastEthernetO/O has interface errors.

C. An EIGRP process has been shut down.

D. An interface has gone down.

Answer: C

Q22. Refer to the exhibit.

Notice that debug ip bgp updates has been enables. What can you conclude from the debug output?

A. BGP neighbor established a new BGP session.

B. This is result of clear ip bgp in command.

C. This is result of the clear ip bgp out command.

D. BGP neighbor performed a graceful restart.

Answer: B

Q23. Which three factors does Cisco PFR use to calculate the best exit path?(choose three.

A. Reachability

B. Delay

C. Quality of service

D. Packet size

E. Adminstrative distance

F. Loss

Answer: A,B,F

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