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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Q6. Which two options are EIGRP route authentication encryption modes? (Choose two)

A. MD5



D. HMAC-SHA2-256bit

Answer: A,D

Q7. According to the networking best practices .which network device should be used for optimization and rate limiting?

A. the provider core device

B. the provider edge device

C. the customer core device

D. the coustomer edge device

Answer: D

Q8. Which two statements about the host address are true?(Choose two.)

A. The network address is

B. The network address is

C. The network address is

D. The broadcast address is

E. The broadcast address is

F. The broadcast address is

Answer: C,D

Q9. Which two statement about the EIGRP Over the Top feature are true?(Choose two.)

A. EIGRP routers traffic between the PE devices.

B. Traffic is USP-encapsulated on the control plane.

C. The neighbor command must be configured with LISP encapsulation on wach CE device.

D. The network statement must be configured on each PE device to connect separate EIGRP sites.

E. The network statement must be configured on each CE device to connect separate EIGRP sites

F. Traffic is LISP-encapsulated on the data plane.

Answer: C,F

Q10. Which option describes a difference between Ansible and Puppet?

A. Ansible is client-server based,and Puppet is not.

B. Ansible requires an agent,and Puppet does not.

C. Ansible is Python based,and Puppet is Ruby based.

D. Ansible autonates repetitive tasks,and Puppet allows you to run plain ssh command.

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit When traffic marked as CoS 5 arrives on the switch.what DSCP value does the switch apply?

A. 0

B. 32

C. 40

D. 46

E. 48

Answer: B

Q12. You are performing a system diagnostics on a CSU in local loop mode and notice that the mineseen counter has failed to increment. Which type of problem does this behavior indicate?

A. a cabling problem

B. an encoding problem

C. a framing problem

D. a timing problem

Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit Which statement about the R1 multicast network environment is true?

A. RPF builds the topolog y using the unicast data for source address 101.108.10

B. The default mroute uses Tunnel10 as the exit interface for

C. RPF uses the OSPF'100 table for source address 10.1.108 .10

D. A static mroute is configured to poin multicast traffic for through Ethernet1/0

Answer: B

Q14. Which attribute is not part of the BGP extended ecommunity when a PE creates a.VPN- IPv4 route while running OSPF between PE-CE?


B. OSPF network type

C. OSPF domain identifier

D. OSPF route type

E. OSPF router id

Answer: B

Q15. What feature can a device use to identify other members of the same IPv6 multicast group on a network segment?



C. source-specific multicast

D. rendezvous points

Answer: A

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