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Which configuration step is needed is Cisco UCS Director to enable an option to metadata reportand
REST API Browser for developers?

  • A. Enable the debugging menu
  • B. Enable the REST API
  • C. Enable the developer menu
  • D. Enable report metadata

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
When adding an ASAv to the APIC, the user notices a fault raised on the device. Which cause of this fault is the most likely?

  • A. The device package was never uploaded
  • B. The incorrect username and password was used
  • C. The configuration specified HTTP and not HTTPS
  • D. The configuration did not specify “apic” as the username

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
How many virtual adapters (vNIC and vHBA) can be added to this host?

  • A. 128
  • B. 130
  • C. 256
  • D. 258

Answer: C

Which two options are best practices when registering Cisco UCS Manager to UCS Central? (Choose

  • A. Use an IP address for UCS Domain when registering.
  • B. Ensure that NTP is configured on the UCS Domain and UCS Central.
  • C. Ensure that the UCS Domain and UCS Central are in the same Layer 2 domain.
  • D. Use a fully qualified domain name for UCS Domain.
  • E. Ensure that the independent local time source is used for UCS Domain and UCS Central.

Answer: BD

Which IEEE standard defines wireless access in vehicular environments?

  • A. 802.11k
  • B. 802.11ac
  • C. 802.11af
  • D. 802.11p

Answer: D

Where are domains placed when they are initially registered with Cisco UCS Central?

  • A. Registered domains.
  • B. Ungrouped domains.
  • C. Discovered domains
  • D. Acknowledged domains.

Answer: B

Which two guidelines and limitations of NetFlow on Cisco NX-OS are true? (Choose two)

  • A. The Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender does not support bridged NetFlow
  • B. If you change a Layer 2 interface to a Layer 3 interfac
  • C. the software converts the Layer 2 NetFlow to Layer 3 NetFlow automatically
  • D. Only Layer 2 NetFlow is applied on Layer 2 interfaces, and only Layer 3 NetFlow is applied on Layer 3 interfaces
  • E. You must configure a source interfac
  • F. If you do not configure a source interface, the exporter remains in a disabled state
  • G. It is optional to configure a valid record name

Answer: DE

Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/system_management/configuration/guide/sm_nx_os_cg/sm_15netflow.html#pgfId-1088665

Which three connection modes are valid when using Cisco RISE? (Choose three)

  • A. LB connect mode
  • B. Round-robin connect mode
  • C. vPC connect mode
  • D. direct connect mode
  • E. indirect connect mode
  • F. PC connect mode

Answer: CDE

Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/nx-os/riseNetscaler/install_and_cfg/guide/b-rise-netscaler/Configuring-Rise.html

Which statistic classes can be used to define a threshold policy for a compute resource? (Choose two)

  • A. Ethernet port CRC stats
  • B. Memory failures
  • C. Processor runtime
  • D. Ethernet port stats
  • E. Processor lock ups

Answer: CD

Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/servers-unified-computing/ucsmanager/whitepaper-c11-736116.pdf

Which statement about FCoE NPV in Cisco NX-OS and the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true?

  • A. Connectivity from an FCoE NPV bridge to the FCF is supported over point-to-point links and when FCF is up to three hops away.
  • B. TheFCoE NPV does not provide any equivalent FCoE Initialization Protocol snooping capabilities
  • C. FCoE NPV and NPV cannot be implemented together because these two thest feature use different mechanisms to communicate to the switch.
  • D. FCoE NPV does not have the management and troubleshooting issues that are inherent to managing hosts remotely at the FCF.

Answer: D

Which way to configure a redundant rendezvous point for BIDIR multicast are valid?

  • A. phantom RP
  • B. anycast RP
  • C. auto RP
  • D. MSDP

Answer: A

Which open source controller is a general purpose SDN controller for service provider and enterprise
network operators?

  • A. Beacon OpenFlow Controller
  • B. Cisco OpenDaylight Controller
  • C. Open Network Operating System
  • D. OpenStack Neutron
  • E. Linux Foundation OpenDaylight

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
On which VLAN does VLAN Discovery occur?

  • A. VLAN 200
  • B. VLAN 1105
  • C. VLAN 105
  • D. VLAN 1

Answer: D

Which option is a valid overlay interface configuration and configures the OTV edge device as a
secondary OTV adjacency server?

  • A. interface Overlay 1otv join-interface e 101/1/48 otv adjacency-server secondaryotv use-adjacency-server primary 10.1.1 1 otv extend-vlan 5-10
  • B. interface Overlay 1 otv join-interface e1/2otv adjacency-server unicast-onlyotv use-adjacency-server 10 111 unicast-onlyotv extend-vlan 5-10
  • C. interface Overlay 1otv join-interface e101/1/48otv adjacency-server unicast-onlyotv use-adjacency-server 10 1.1 1 unicastonlyotv extend-vlan 5-10
  • D. interface Overlay 1 otv join-interface e1/2otv use-adjacency-sen/er 10.1 1 1 10.1.1 2otv extend-vlan 5-10

Answer: B

You are configuring an ACI fabric with Layer 3 out connecticity you want to allow traffic to traverse
from one external EPG to another external EPG. or alternatively to another internal EPG.
Which option must be configured to permit the packets between these two EPGs, assuming the subnet is already being advertised correctly?

  • A. Export Route Control
  • B. Aggregate Export
  • C. Security import subnet
  • D. Import Route Control
  • E. Aggregate Import

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
This cobra code extract is expected to create a BD object. Assume that fvTenantMo has been populated with the correct tenant object and all module prerequisites have been met. Which statement is true?

  • A. The BD name is bd.
  • B. The BD name is name.
  • C. The code does not work because you also must import module fvTenantMo.
  • D. The BD name is kept in the dictionary tenant.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
Assume that apic2-cloud.cisco.com is valid APIC in the cluster. Which statement is true?

  • A. REST call is valid,but we cannot log in to APIC2,we should log in to APIC1 instead
  • B. REST call is invalid,and we should call/api/aaaLogin.json
  • C. REST call to /api/aaaLogin.xml on APIC2 is valid,and we should receive a session token in theresponse
  • D. REST call is valid,but we should use the GET method instead of POST

Answer: C

The OS team has requested that you expand the receive queues of an existing server. Which action accomplishes this change?

  • A. Reconfigure the default vNIC behavior
  • B. Reconfigure the vNIC to the requested queue size
  • C. Configure and apply a custom LAN connectivity policy
  • D. Configure and apply a custom adapter policy

Answer: D

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/sw/gui/config/guide/2-2/b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_2/b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_2_2_chapter_0101 01.html

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