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2017 Mar CAS-002 sample question

Q211. - (Topic 1) 

A new internal network segmentation solution will be implemented into the enterprise that consists of 200 internal firewalls. As part of running a pilot exercise, it was determined that it takes three changes to deploy a new application onto the network before it is operational. Security now has a significant effect on overall availability. Which of the following would be the FIRST process to perform as a result of these findings? 

A. Lower the SLA to a more tolerable level and perform a risk assessment to see if the solution could be met by another solution. Reuse the firewall infrastructure on other projects. 

B. Perform a cost benefit analysis and implement the solution as it stands as long as the risks are understood by the business owners around the availability issues. Decrease the current SLA expectations to match the new solution. 

C. Engage internal auditors to perform a review of the project to determine why and how the project did not meet the security requirements. As part of the review ask them to review the control effectiveness. 

D. Review to determine if control effectiveness is in line with the complexity of the solution. Determine if the requirements can be met with a simpler solution. 


Q212. - (Topic 3) 

A database administrator comes across the below records in one of the databases during an internal audit of the payment system: 

UserIDAddressCredit Card No.Password 

jsmith123 fake street55XX-XXX-XXXX-1397Password100 

jqdoe234 fake street42XX-XXX-XXXX-202717DEC12 

From a security perspective, which of the following should be the administrator’s GREATEST concern, and what will correct the concern? 

A. Concern: Passwords are stored in plain text. Correction: Require a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters and hash the password. 

B. Concern: User IDs are also usernames, and could be enumerated, thereby disclosing sensitive account information. Correction: Require user IDs to be more complex by using alphanumeric characters and hash the UserIDs. 

C. Concern: User IDs are confidential private information. Correction: Require encryption of user IDs. 

D. Concern: More than four digits within a credit card number are stored. Correction: Only store the last four digits of a credit card to protect sensitive financial information. 


Q213. DRAG DROP - (Topic 2) 

IT staff within a company often conduct remote desktop sharing sessions with vendors to troubleshoot vendor product-related issues. Drag and drop the following security controls to match the associated security concern. Options may be used once or not at all. 


Q214. - (Topic 1) 

A company has received the contract to begin developing a new suite of software tools to replace an aging collaboration solution. The original collaboration solution has been in place for nine years, contains over a million lines of code, and took over two years to develop originally. The SDLC has been broken up into eight primary stages, with each stage requiring an in-depth risk analysis before moving on to the next phase. Which of the following software development methods is MOST applicable? 

A. Spiral model 

B. Incremental model 

C. Waterfall model 

D. Agile model 


Q215. - (Topic 1) 

In order to reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction, a large corporation is creating a BYOD policy. It will allow access to email and remote connections to the corporate enterprise from personal devices; provided they are on an approved device list. Which of the following security measures would be MOST effective in securing the enterprise under the new policy? (Select TWO). 

A. Provide free email software for personal devices. 

B. Encrypt data in transit for remote access. 

C. Require smart card authentication for all devices. 

D. Implement NAC to limit insecure devices access. 

E. Enable time of day restrictions for personal devices. 

Answer: B,D 

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Q216. - (Topic 2) 

A pentester must attempt to crack passwords on a windows domain that enforces strong complex passwords. Which of the following would crack the MOST passwords in the shortest time period? 

A. Online password testing 

B. Rainbow tables attack 

C. Dictionary attack 

D. Brute force attack 


Q217. - (Topic 1) 

An insurance company is looking to purchase a smaller company in another country. Which of the following tasks would the security administrator perform as part of the security due diligence? 

A. Review switch and router configurations 

B. Review the security policies and standards 

C. Perform a network penetration test 

D. Review the firewall rule set and IPS logs 


Q218. - (Topic 4) 

A system administrator has installed a new Internet facing secure web application that consists of a Linux web server and Windows SQL server into a new corporate site. The administrator wants to place the servers in the most logical network security zones and implement the appropriate security controls. Which of the following scenarios BEST accomplishes this goal? 

A. Create an Internet zone, DMZ, and Internal zone on the firewall. Place the web server in the DMZ. Configure IPtables to allow TCP 80 and 443. Set SELinux to permissive. Place the SQL server in the internal zone. Configure the Windows firewall to allow TCP 80 and 

443. Configure the Internet zone with ACLs of allow 80 and 443 destination DMZ. 

B. Create an Internet zone, DMZ, and Internal zone on the firewall. Place the web server in the DMZ. Configure IPtables to allow TCP 443. Set enforcement threshold on SELinux to one. Place the SQL server in the internal zone. Configure the Windows firewall to allow TCP 1433 and 1443. Configure the Internet zone with ACLs of allow 443 destination DMZ. 

C. Create an Internet zone and two DMZ zones on the firewall. Place the web server in the DMZ one. Set the enforcement threshold on SELinux to 100, and configure IPtables to allow TCP 80 and 443. Place the SQL server in DMZ two. Configure the Windows firewall to allow TCP 80 and 443. Configure the Internet zone with an ACL of allow 443 destination ANY. 

D. Create an Internet zone and two DMZ zones on the firewall. Place the web server in DMZ one. Set enforcement threshold on SELinux to zero, and configure IPtables to allow TCP 80 and 443. Place the SQL server in DMZ two. Configure the Internet zone ACLs with allow 80, 443, 1433, and 1443 destination ANY. 


Q219. - (Topic 1) 

Two separate companies are in the process of integrating their authentication infrastructure into a unified single sign-on system. Currently, both companies use an AD backend and two factor authentication using TOTP. The system administrators have configured a trust relationship between the authentication backend to ensure proper process flow. How should the employees request access to shared resources before the authentication integration is complete? 

A. They should logon to the system using the username concatenated with the 6-digit code and their original password. 

B. They should logon to the system using the newly assigned global username: first.lastname#### where #### is the second factor code. 

C. They should use the username format: LAN\first.lastname together with their original password and the next 6-digit code displayed when the token button is depressed. 

D. They should use the username format:, together with a password and their 6-digit code. 


Q220. - (Topic 5) 

An internal committee comprised of the facilities manager, the physical security manager, the network administrator, and a member of the executive team has been formed to address a recent breach at a company’s data center. It was discovered that during the breach, an HVAC specialist had gained entry to an area that contained server farms holding sensitive financial data. Although the HVAC specialist was there to fix a legitimate issue, the investigation concluded security be provided for the two entry and exit points for the server farm. Which of the following should be implemented to accomplish the recommendations of the investigation? 

A. Implement a policy that all non-employees should be escorted in the data center. 

B. Place a mantrap at the points with biometric security. 

C. Hire an HVAC person for the company, eliminating the need for external HVAC people. 

D. Implement CCTV cameras at both points. 


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