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Q291. - (Topic 5) 

The helpdesk manager wants to find a solution that will enable the helpdesk staff to better serve company employees who call with computer-related problems. The helpdesk staff is currently unable to perform effective troubleshooting and relies on callers to describe their technology problems. Given that the helpdesk staff is located within the company headquarters and 90% of the callers are telecommuters, which of the following tools should the helpdesk manager use to make the staff more effective at troubleshooting while at the same time reducing company costs? (Select TWO). 

A. Web cameras 

B. Email 

C. Instant messaging 


E. Desktop sharing 

F. Presence 

Answer: C,E 

Q292. - (Topic 1) 

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is asking for ways to protect against zero-day exploits. The CISO is concerned that an unrecognized threat could compromise corporate data and result in regulatory fines as well as poor corporate publicity. The network is mostly flat, with split staff/guest wireless functionality. Which of the following equipment MUST be deployed to guard against unknown threats? 

A. Cloud-based antivirus solution, running as local admin, with push technology for definition updates. 

B. Implementation of an offsite data center hosting all company data, as well as deployment of VDI for all client computing needs. 

C. Host based heuristic IPS, segregated on a management VLAN, with direct control of the perimeter firewall ACLs. 

D. Behavior based IPS with a communication link to a cloud based vulnerability and threat feed. 


Q293. - (Topic 2) 

A vulnerability scanner report shows that a client-server host monitoring solution operating in the credit card corporate environment is managing SSL sessions with a weak algorithm which does not meet corporate policy. Which of the following are true statements? (Select TWO). 

A. The X509 V3 certificate was issued by a non trusted public CA. 

B. The client-server handshake could not negotiate strong ciphers. 

C. The client-server handshake is configured with a wrong priority. 

D. The client-server handshake is based on TLS authentication. 

E. The X509 V3 certificate is expired. 

F. The client-server implements client-server mutual authentication with different certificates. 

Answer: B,C 

Q294. - (Topic 2) 

A company has decided to change its current business direction and refocus on core business. Consequently, several company sub-businesses are in the process of being sold-off. A security consultant has been engaged to advise on residual information security concerns with a de-merger. From a high-level perspective, which of the following BEST provides the procedure that the consultant should follow? 

A. Perform a penetration test for the current state of the company. Perform another penetration test after the de-merger. Identify the gaps between the two tests. 

B. Duplicate security-based assets should be sold off for commercial gain to ensure that the security posture of the company does not decline. 

C. Explain that security consultants are not trained to offer advice on company acquisitions or demergers. This needs to be handled by legal representatives well versed in corporate law. 

D. Identify the current state from a security viewpoint. Based on the demerger, assess what the security gaps will be from a physical, technical, DR, and policy/awareness perspective. 


Q295. - (Topic 5) 

A security administrator is investigating the compromise of a SCADA network that is not physically connected to any other network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the compromise? 

A. Outdated antivirus definitions 

B. Insecure wireless 

C. Infected USB device 

D. SQL injection 


Q296. - (Topic 5) 

Two universities are making their 802.11n wireless networks available to the other university’s students. The infrastructure will pass the student’s credentials back to the home school for authentication via the Internet. 

The requirements are: 

Mutual authentication of clients and authentication server The design should not limit connection speeds Authentication must be delegated to the home school No passwords should be sent unencrypted The following design was implemented: WPA2 Enterprise using EAP-PEAP-MSCHAPv2 will be used for wireless security RADIUS proxy servers will be used to forward authentication requests to the home school The RADIUS servers will have certificates from a common public certificate authority A strong shared secret will be used for RADIUS server authentication 

Which of the following security considerations should be added to the design? 

A. The transport layer between the RADIUS servers should be secured 

B. WPA Enterprise should be used to decrease the network overhead 

C. The RADIUS servers should have local accounts for the visiting students 

D. Students should be given certificates to use for authentication to the network 


Q297. - (Topic 2) 

Joe, a penetration tester, is tasked with testing the security robustness of the protocol between a mobile web application and a RESTful application server. Which of the following security tools would be required to assess the security between the mobile web application and the RESTful application server? (Select TWO). 

A. Jailbroken mobile device 

B. Reconnaissance tools 

C. Network enumerator 

D. HTTP interceptor 

E. Vulnerability scanner 

F. Password cracker 

Answer: D,E 

Q298. - (Topic 5) 

A security administrator is investigating the compromise of a software distribution website. Forensic analysis shows that several popular files are infected with malicious code. However, comparing a hash of the infected files with the original, non-infected files which were restored from backup, shows that the hash is the same. Which of the following explains this? 

A. The infected files were using obfuscation techniques to evade detection by antivirus software. 

B. The infected files were specially crafted to exploit a collision in the hash function. 

C. The infected files were using heuristic techniques to evade detection by antivirus software. 

D. The infected files were specially crafted to exploit diffusion in the hash function. 


491. - (Topic 5) 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company that allows telecommuting has challenged the Chief Security Officer’s (CSO) request to harden the corporate network’s perimeter. The CEO argues that the company cannot protect its employees at home, so the risk at work is no different. Which of the following BEST explains why this company should proceed with protecting its corporate network boundary? 

A. The corporate network is the only network that is audited by regulators and customers. 

B. The aggregation of employees on a corporate network makes it a more valuable target for attackers. 

C. Home networks are unknown to attackers and less likely to be targeted directly. 

D. Employees are more likely to be using personal computers for general web browsing when they are at home. 


Q299. - (Topic 1) 

An intruder was recently discovered inside the data center, a highly sensitive area. To gain access, the intruder circumvented numerous layers of physical and electronic security measures. Company leadership has asked for a thorough review of physical security controls to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following departments are the 

MOST heavily invested in rectifying the problem? (Select THREE). 

A. Facilities management 

B. Human resources 

C. Research and development 

D. Programming 

E. Data center operations 

F. Marketing 

G. Information technology 

Answer: A,E,G 

Q300. - (Topic 2) 

It has come to the IT administrator’s attention that the “post your comment” field on the company blog page has been exploited, resulting in cross-site scripting attacks against customers reading the blog. Which of the following would be the MOST effective at preventing the “post your comment” field from being exploited? 

A. Update the blog page to HTTPS 

B. Filter metacharacters 

C. Install HIDS on the server 

D. Patch the web application 

E. Perform client side input validation