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Q231. - (Topic 4) 

A medium-sized company has recently launched an online product catalog. It has decided to keep the credit card purchasing in-house as a secondary potential income stream has been identified in relation to sales leads. The company has decided to undertake a PCI assessment in order to determine the amount of effort required to meet the business objectives. Which compliance category would this task be part of? 

A. Government regulation 

B. Industry standard 

C. Company guideline 

D. Company policy 


Q232. - (Topic 4) 

Company XYZ is in negotiations to acquire Company ABC for $1.2millon. Due diligence activities have uncovered systemic security issues in the flagship product of Company ABC. It has been established that a complete product rewrite would be needed with average estimates indicating a cost of $1.6millon. Which of the following approaches should the risk manager of Company XYZ recommend? 

A. Transfer the risk 

B. Accept the risk 

C. Mitigate the risk 

D. Avoid the risk 


Q233. - (Topic 1) 

An industry organization has implemented a system to allow trusted authentication between all of its partners. The system consists of a web of trusted RADIUS servers communicating over the Internet. An attacker was able to set up a malicious server and conduct a successful man-in-the-middle attack. Which of the following controls should be implemented to mitigate the attack in the future? 

A. Use PAP for secondary authentication on each RADIUS server 

B. Disable unused EAP methods on each RADIUS server 

C. Enforce TLS connections between RADIUS servers 

D. Use a shared secret for each pair of RADIUS servers 


Q234. - (Topic 2) 

A security administrator was recently hired in a start-up company to represent the interest of security and to assist the network team in improving security in the company. The programmers are not on good terms with the security team and do not want to be distracted with security issues while they are working on a major project. Which of the following is the BEST time to make them address security issues in the project? 

A. In the middle of the project 

B. At the end of the project 

C. At the inception of the project 

D. At the time they request 


Q235. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 4) 

The IDS has detected abnormal behavior on this network. Click on the network devices to view device information. Based on this information, the following tasks should be completed: 

1. Select the server that is a victim of a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. 

2 Select the source of the brute force password attack. 

3. Modify the access control list (ACL) on the router(s) to ONLY block the XSS attack. 

Instructions: Simulations can be reset at anytime to the initial state: however, all selections will be deleted 

Answer: Please review following steps: 

Q236. - (Topic 4) 

A new internal network segmentation solution will be implemented into the enterprise that consists of 200 internal firewalls. As part of running a pilot exercise, it was determined that it takes three changes to deploy a new application onto the network before it is operational. Security now has a significant affect on overall availability. Which of the following would be the FIRST process to perform as a result of these findings? 

A. Lower the SLA to a more tolerable level and perform a risk assessment to see if the solution could be met by another solution. Reuse the firewall infrastructure on other projects. 

B. Perform a cost benefit analysis and implement the solution as it stands as long as the risks are understood by the business owners around the availability issues. Decrease the current SLA expectations to match the new solution. 

C. Engage internal auditors to perform a review of the project to determine why and how the project did not meet the security requirements. As part of the review ask them to review the control effectiveness. 

D. Review to determine if control effectiveness is in line with the complexity of the solution. Determine if the requirements can be met with a simpler solution. 


Q237. - (Topic 2) 

Customers have recently reported incomplete purchase history and other anomalies while accessing their account history on the web server farm. Upon investigation, it has been determined that there are version mismatches of key e-commerce applications on the production web servers. The development team has direct access to the production servers and is most likely the cause of the different release versions. Which of the following process level solutions would address this problem? 

A. Implement change control practices at the organization level. 

B. Adjust the firewall ACL to prohibit development from directly accessing the production server farm. 

C. Update the vulnerability management plan to address data discrepancy issues. 

D. Change development methodology from strict waterfall to agile. 


Q238. - (Topic 2) 

A finance manager says that the company needs to ensure that the new system can “replay” data, up to the minute, for every exchange being tracked by the investment departments. The finance manager also states that the company’s transactions need to be tracked against this data for a period of five years for compliance. How would a security engineer BEST interpret the finance manager’s needs? 

A. Compliance standards 

B. User requirements 

C. Data elements 

D. Data storage 

E. Acceptance testing 

F. Information digest 

G. System requirements 


Q239. - (Topic 4) 

Company XYZ recently acquired a manufacturing plant from Company ABC which uses a different manufacturing ICS platform. Company XYZ has strict ICS security regulations while Company ABC does not. Which of the following approaches would the network security administrator for Company XYZ MOST likely proceed with to integrate the new manufacturing plant? 

A. Conduct a network vulnerability assessment of acquired plant ICS platform and correct all identified flaws during integration. 

B. Convert the acquired plant ICS platform to the Company XYZ standard ICS platform solely to eliminate potential regulatory conflicts. 

C. Conduct a risk assessment of the acquired plant ICS platform and implement any necessary or required controls during integration. 

D. Require Company ABC to bring their ICS platform into regulatory compliance prior to integrating the new plant into Company XYZ’s network. 


Q240. - (Topic 1) 

A security manager has received the following email from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO): 

“While I am concerned about the security of the proprietary financial data in our ERP application, we have had a lot of turnover in the accounting group and I am having a difficult time meeting our monthly performance targets. As things currently stand, we do not allow employees to work from home but this is something I am willing to allow so we can get back on track. What should we do first to securely enable this capability for my group?” 

Based on the information provided, which of the following would be the MOST appropriate response to the CFO? 

A. Remote access to the ERP tool introduces additional security vulnerabilities and should not be allowed. 

B. Allow VNC access to corporate desktops from personal computers for the users working from home. 

C. Allow terminal services access from personal computers after the CFO provides a list of the users working from home. 

D. Work with the executive management team to revise policies before allowing any remote access.