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Q191. - (Topic 1) 

An analyst connects to a company web conference hosted on and observes that numerous guests have been allowed to join, without providing identifying information. The topics covered during the web conference are considered proprietary to the company. Which of the following security concerns does the analyst present to management? 

A. Guest users could present a risk to the integrity of the company’s information 

B. Authenticated users could sponsor guest access that was previously approved by management 

C. Unauthenticated users could present a risk to the confidentiality of the company’s information 

D. Meeting owners could sponsor guest access if they have passed a background check 


Q192. - (Topic 5) 

The manager of the firewall team is getting complaints from various IT teams that firewall changes are causing issues. Which of the following should the manager recommend to BEST address these issues? 

A. Set up a weekly review for relevant teams to discuss upcoming changes likely to have a broad impact. 

B. Update the change request form so that requesting teams can provide additional details about the requested changes. 

C. Require every new firewall rule go through a secondary firewall administrator for review before pushing the firewall policy. 

D. Require the firewall team to verify the change with the requesting team before pushing the updated firewall policy. 


Q193. - (Topic 4) 

A system administrator is troubleshooting a possible denial of service on a sensitive system. The system seems to run properly for a few hours after it is restarted, but then it suddenly stops processing transactions. The system administrator suspects an internal DoS caused by a disgruntled developer who is currently seeking a new job while still working for the company. After looking into various system logs, the system administrator looks at the following output from the main system service responsible for processing incoming transactions. 



031020141100002055com.proc12.35.2M 031020141230002055com.proc22.022M 031020141300002055com.proc33.01.6G 031020141330002055com.proc30.28.0G 

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for the DoS? 

A. The system does not implement proper garbage collection. 

B. The system is susceptible to integer overflow. 

C. The system does not implement input validation. 

D. The system does not protect against buffer overflows properly. 


Q194. - (Topic 2) 

It has come to the IT administrator’s attention that the “post your comment” field on the company blog page has been exploited, resulting in cross-site scripting attacks against customers reading the blog. Which of the following would be the MOST effective at preventing the “post your comment” field from being exploited? 

A. Update the blog page to HTTPS 

B. Filter metacharacters 

C. Install HIDS on the server 

D. Patch the web application 

E. Perform client side input validation 


Q195. - (Topic 3) 

The <nameID> element in SAML can be provided in which of the following predefined formats? (Select TWO). 

A. X.509 subject name 

B. PTR DNS record 

C. EV certificate OID extension 

D. Kerberos principal name 

E. WWN record name 

Answer: A,D 

Q196. - (Topic 5) 

Two universities are making their 802.11n wireless networks available to the other university’s students. The infrastructure will pass the student’s credentials back to the home school for authentication via the Internet. 

The requirements are: 

Mutual authentication of clients and authentication server The design should not limit connection speeds Authentication must be delegated to the home school No passwords should be sent unencrypted The following design was implemented: WPA2 Enterprise using EAP-PEAP-MSCHAPv2 will be used for wireless security RADIUS proxy servers will be used to forward authentication requests to the home school The RADIUS servers will have certificates from a common public certificate authority A strong shared secret will be used for RADIUS server authentication 

Which of the following security considerations should be added to the design? 

A. The transport layer between the RADIUS servers should be secured 

B. WPA Enterprise should be used to decrease the network overhead 

C. The RADIUS servers should have local accounts for the visiting students 

D. Students should be given certificates to use for authentication to the network 


Q197. - (Topic 2) 

ODBC access to a database on a network-connected host is required. The host does not have a security mechanism to authenticate the incoming ODBC connection, and the application requires that the connection have read/write permissions. In order to further secure the data, a nonstandard configuration would need to be implemented. The information in the database is not sensitive, but was not readily accessible prior to the implementation of the ODBC connection. Which of the following actions should be taken by the security analyst? 

A. Accept the risk in order to keep the system within the company’s standard security configuration. 

B. Explain the risks to the data owner and aid in the decision to accept the risk versus choosing a nonstandard solution. 

C. Secure the data despite the need to use a security control or solution that is not within company standards. 

D. Do not allow the connection to be made to avoid unnecessary risk and avoid deviating from the standard security configuration. 


Q198. - (Topic 3) 

A team is established to create a secure connection between software packages in order to list employee's remaining or unused benefits on their paycheck stubs. Which of the following business roles would be MOST effective on this team? 

A. Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Programmers 

B. Network Administrator, Emergency Response Team, Human Resources 

C. Finance Officer, Human Resources, Security Administrator 

D. Database Administrator, Facilities Manager, Physical Security Manager 


Q199. - (Topic 2) 

A port in a fibre channel switch failed, causing a costly downtime on the company’s primary website. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the downtime? 

A. The web server iSCSI initiator was down. 

B. The web server was not multipathed. 

C. The SAN snapshots were not up-to-date. 

D. The SAN replication to the backup site failed. 


Q200. - (Topic 1) 

A web services company is planning a one-time high-profile event to be hosted on the corporate website. An outage, due to an attack, would be publicly embarrassing, so Joe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has requested that his security engineers put temporary preventive controls in place. Which of the following would MOST appropriately address Joe's concerns? 

A. Ensure web services hosting the event use TCP cookies and deny_hosts. 

B. Configure an intrusion prevention system that blocks IPs after detecting too many incomplete sessions. 

C. Contract and configure scrubbing services with third-party DDoS mitigation providers. 

D. Purchase additional bandwidth from the company’s Internet service provider.