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Q211. - (Topic 2) 

An administrator wishes to replace a legacy clinical software product as it has become a security risk. The legacy product generates $10,000 in revenue a month. The new software product has an initial cost of $180,000 and a yearly maintenance of $2,000 after the first year. However, it will generate $15,000 in revenue per month and be more secure. How many years until there is a return on investment for this new package? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 


Q212. - (Topic 5) 

An IT administrator has been tasked with implementing an appliance-based web proxy server to control external content accessed by internal staff. Concerned with the threat of corporate data leakage via web-based email, the IT administrator wants to decrypt all outbound HTTPS sessions and pass the decrypted content to an ICAP server for inspection by the corporate DLP software. Which of the following is BEST at protecting the internal certificates used in the decryption process? 








Q213. - (Topic 2) 

A security services company is scoping a proposal with a client. They want to perform a general security audit of their environment within a two week period and consequently have the following requirements: 

Requirement 1 – Ensure their server infrastructure operating systems are at their latest patch levels 

Requirement 2 – Test the behavior between the application and database 

Requirement 3 – Ensure that customer data can not be exfiltrated Which of the following is the BEST solution to meet the above requirements? 

A. Penetration test, perform social engineering and run a vulnerability scanner 

B. Perform dynamic code analysis, penetration test and run a vulnerability scanner 

C. Conduct network analysis, dynamic code analysis, and static code analysis 

D. Run a protocol analyzer perform static code analysis and vulnerability assessment 


Q214. - (Topic 2) 

Customers have recently reported incomplete purchase history and other anomalies while accessing their account history on the web server farm. Upon investigation, it has been determined that there are version mismatches of key e-commerce applications on the production web servers. The development team has direct access to the production servers and is most likely the cause of the different release versions. Which of the following process level solutions would address this problem? 

A. Implement change control practices at the organization level. 

B. Adjust the firewall ACL to prohibit development from directly accessing the production server farm. 

C. Update the vulnerability management plan to address data discrepancy issues. 

D. Change development methodology from strict waterfall to agile. 


Q215. - (Topic 2) 

The risk manager at a small bank wants to use quantitative analysis to determine the ALE of running a business system at a location which is subject to fires during the year. A risk analyst reports to the risk manager that the asset value of the business system is $120,000 and, based on industry data, the exposure factor to fires is only 20% due to the fire suppression system installed at the site. Fires occur in the area on average every four years. Which of the following is the ALE? 

A. $6,000 

B. $24,000 

C. $30,000 

D. $96,000 


Q216. - (Topic 2) 

A small company is developing a new Internet-facing web application. The security requirements are: 

1. Users of the web application must be uniquely identified and authenticated. 

2. Users of the web application will not be added to the company’s directory services. 

3. Passwords must not be stored in the code. 

Which of the following meets these requirements? 

A. Use OpenID and allow a third party to authenticate users. 

B. Use TLS with a shared client certificate for all users. 

C. Use SAML with federated directory services. 

D. Use Kerberos and browsers that support SAML. 


Q217. - (Topic 5) 

A security engineer wants to implement forward secrecy but still wants to ensure the number of requests handled by the web server is not drastically reduced due to the larger computational overheads. Browser compatibility is not a concern; however system performance is. Which of the following, when implemented, would BEST meet the engineer’s requirements? 



C. AES128-SHA 

D. DH 


Q218. - (Topic 2) 

In an effort to minimize costs, the management of a small candy company wishes to explore a cloud service option for the development of its online applications. The company does not wish to invest heavily in IT infrastructure. Which of the following solutions should be recommended? 

A. A public IaaS 

B. A public PaaS 

C. A public SaaS 

D. A private SaaS 

E. A private IaaS 

F. A private PaaS 


Q219. - (Topic 2) 

A security administrator is performing VDI traffic data collection on a virtual server which migrates from one host to another. While reviewing the data collected by the protocol analyzer, the security administrator notices that sensitive data is present in the packet capture. Which of the following should the security administrator recommend to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information during live VM migration, while minimizing latency issues? 

A. A separate physical interface placed on a private VLAN should be configured for live host operations. 

B. Database record encryption should be used when storing sensitive information on virtual servers. 

C. Full disk encryption should be enabled across the enterprise to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data. 

D. Sensitive data should be stored on a backend SAN which uses an isolated fiber channel network. 


Q220. - (Topic 2) 

A system administrator has just installed a new Linux distribution. The distribution is configured to be “secure out of the box”. The system administrator cannot make updates to certain system files and services. Each time changes are attempted, they are denied and a system error is generated. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the security administrator suggest? 

A. Review settings in the SELinux configuration files 

B. Reset root permissions on systemd files 

C. Perform all administrative actions while logged in as root 

D. Disable any firewall software before making changes