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Assume that the router has learnt the best route to the same destination by using RIP, OSPF and Static Routerespectively. By default, the Huawei router will select the route learnt via ( ) as the best route.

  • A. RIP
  • B. OSPF
  • C. RIPv2
  • D. Static route

Answer: B

Which of the following statements regarding link-state database and routing-table of a “single” OSPF area arecorrect?(Choose two)

  • A. The link-state databases that all routers build are identical.
  • B. The link-state databases that all routers build are different.
  • C. The routing-tables that all routers calculate are different.
  • D. The routing-tables that all routers calculate are identical.

Answer: AC

The PPPoE session establishment process can be divided into which stages?(Choose two).

  • A. Discovery stage
  • B. DHCP stage
  • C. PPPoE Session stage
  • D. PPP connecting stage.

Answer: AC

Which of the following steps are necessary to configure OSPF on a Huawei router?(Choose three)

  • A. Configuration of a router ID
  • B. Enabling of an OSPF process
  • C. Specifying an OSPF area
  • D. Configuration of the network segments within each area

Answer: BCD

What of the following statements is correct regarding access control list types and ranges?

  • A. A basic ACL value ranges from 1000-2999
  • B. An advanced ACL value ranges from 3000-4000
  • C. A layer 2 ACL value ranges from 4000-4999
  • D. An interface ACL value ranges 1000-2000

Answer: C

A network administrator uses the ping command to check for points of failure in the network. Which protocolswill be used during this process?(Choose two)
<choice ident=“A”>
<choice ident=“B”>
<choice ident=“C”>
<choice ident=“D”>

  • A. ICMP
  • B. TCP
  • C. ARP
  • D. UDP

Answer: AC

Which of the following commands can switch a view from the system view to the user view?

  • A. System-view
  • B. Router
  • C. Quit
  • D. User-view

Answer: C

An administrator connects two switches together in a local enterprise network. The ports of one switch supportFast Ethernet, while the ports of the other switch support Gigabit Ethernet. Hosts connected to one switch areable to communicate, however communication between the two switches fails. What is the possible reason forthis?

  • A. The ports have disabled auto-negotiation.
  • B. One port is supporting auto-negotiation, while auto-negotiation is disabled on the port of the other switch.
  • C. The port of one switch is operating using half duplex mode, while the port of the other switch is using fullduplex mode.
  • D. A Fast Ethernet port cannot communicate directly with a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Answer: A

According to the default value of route preference on the VRP platform, which of the following represent thecorrect sequence for direct route, static route, RIP and OSPF if they are listed from high preference to lowpreference?

  • A. Direct, Static, RIP, OSPF
  • B. Direct, OSPF, Static, RIP
  • C. Direct, OSPF, RIP, Static
  • D. Direct, RIP, Static, OSPF

Answer: B

Interface G0/0/1 on RTA contains a MAC address of 00e0-fc03-aa73 and is configured with the IPv6 address2001::2E0:FCFF:FE03:AA73. Which method is most likely to have been used to configure the interface IPv6address?

  • A. DHCPv6
  • B. Auto-link
  • C. ARP
  • D. EUI-64

Answer: D

Which of the following storage devices are supported by Huawei router? (Select 4 Answers)

  • A. SDRAM
  • B. NVRAM
  • C. Flash
  • D. Hard Disk
  • E. CF Card

Answer: ABCE

How many probe packets are sent for each TTL value by default when"tracert" is used to detect the path alongwhich packet is sent from source to destination?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 6
  • D. 8

Answer: A

The network administrator wants to improve the performance of network transmission, what steps can theadministrator take?(Choose two)

  • A. Change the work mode to full duplex of each end station.
  • B. Link the end stations together using a switch.
  • C. Change the work mode to half duplex of each end station.
  • D. Link the end stations together using a hub.

Answer: AB

The network administrator wishes to forward data over an Eth-trunk, however associated member interfacesoperate at different rates. In terms of the resulting behavior, which of the following is true?

  • A. The two switches will not be able to communicate.
  • B. The higher rate member interfaces may incur packet loss.
  • C. The Eth-Trunk will work normally.
  • D. The lower rate member interfaces may incur packet loss.

Answer: D

Router] ip pool pool1
[Router-ip-pool-pool1] network mask
[Router-ip-pool-pool1] gateway-list [Router-ip-pool-pool1] quit
[Router] ip pool pool2
[Router-ip-pool-pool2] network mask
[Router-ip-pool-pool2] gateway-list [Router-ip-pool-pool2] quit
[Router] interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1
[Router-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] ip address 24 [Router-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] dhcp select global
Refer to the configuration output. Following configuration, a host is connected to the interface Gigabit Ethernet0/0/1 of the router. Which IP address will the client obtain?
<choice ident=“A”>
<choice ident=“B”>
<choice ident=“C”>
<choice ident=“D”>

  • A. An IP address from network will be assigned.
  • B. An IP address from network will be assigned.
  • C. The host will be unable to obtain an IP address.
  • D. An IP address may be assigned from either or

Answer: A

Which command can be used to check the PPPoE client session status?

  • A. display ip interface brief
  • B. display current-configuration
  • C. display pppoe-client session packet
  • D. display pppoe-client session summary

Answer: D

Two routers are connected through serial interfaces and support PPP encapsulation. Which parameters mustbe negotiated to establish the PPP connection?(Choose three).

  • A. MRU
  • B. Authentication password
  • C. Magic-Number
  • D. IP address

Answer: ACD

When both ends running PPP protocol detect that the physical link is active, the link state will transit from deadto establish. Which of the following protocols is used to negotiate the link parameters during this phase?

  • A. IP
  • B. DHCP
  • C. LCP
  • D. NCP

Answer: C

While inspecting packets in the network, a network administrator discovers a frame with the destination MACaddress of 01-00-5E-A0-B1-C3. What can the administrator determine from this?

  • A. The MAC address is a unicast address.
  • B. The MAC address is a broadcast address
  • C. The MAC address is a multicast address.
  • D. The MAC address is incorrect

Answer: C

Refer to the graphic. Two peering routers are running RIP. RTA is using RIPv2 to advertise its routes, whileRTB is using RIPv1 to advertise the route The administrator configures “RIP version 2 multicast” forinterface G0/0/1 of RTB. How will the route appear in the the IP routing table of RTA?

  • A. This route will not appear in the IP routing table of RTA.
  • B. This route will appear in the IP routing table of RTA as
  • C. This route will appear in the IP routing table of RTA as
  • D. This route will appear in the IP routing table of RTA as

Answer: D

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