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New CompTIA SY0-401 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

New Questions 10

One of the most basic ways to protect the confidentiality of data on a laptop in the event the device is physically stolen is to implement which of the following?

A. File level encryption with alphanumeric passwords

B. Biometric authentication and cloud storage

C. Whole disk encryption with two-factor authentication

D. BIOS passwords and two-factor authentication

Answer: C

Explanation: Whole-disk encryption only provides reasonable protection when the system is fully powered off. to make the most of the defensive strength of whole-disk encryption, a long, complex passphrase should be used to unlock the system on bootup. Combining whole-disk encryption with two factor authentication would further increase protection.

New Questions 11

Which of the following allows a company to maintain access to encrypted resources when employee turnover is high?

A. Recovery agent

B. Certificate authority

C. Trust model

D. Key escrow

Answer: A


If an employee leaves and we need access to data he has encrypted, we can use the key recovery agent to retrieve his decryption key. We can use this recovered key to access the data.

A key recovery agent is an entity that has the ability to recover a key, key components, or plaintext messages as needed. As opposed to escrow, recovery agents are typically used to access information that is encrypted with older keys.

New Questions 12

Pete, a security auditor, has detected clear text passwords between the RADIUS server

and the authenticator. Which of the following is configured in the RADIUS server and what technologies should the authentication protocol be changed to?





Answer: A


PAP transmits the username and password to the authentication server in plain text. MSCHAPv2 is utilized as an authentication option for RADIUS servers that are used for Wi- Fi security using the WPA-Enterprise protocol.

New Questions 13

A security technician is working with the network firewall team to implement access controls at the companyu2019s demarc as part of the initiation of configuration management processes. One of the network technicians asks the security technician to explain the access control type found in a firewall. With which of the following should the security technician respond?

A. Rule based access control

B. Role based access control

C. Discretionary access control

D. Mandatory access control

Answer: A


Rule-based access control is used for network devices, such as firewalls and routers, which filter traffic based on filtering rules.

New Questions 14

When Ann an employee returns to work and logs into her workstation she notices that, several desktop configuration settings have changed. Upon a review of the CCTV logs, it is determined that someone logged into Annu2019s workstation. Which of the following could have prevented this from happening?

A. Password complexity policy

B. User access reviews

C. Shared account prohibition policy

D. User assigned permissions policy

Answer: A


The most important countermeasure against password crackers is to use long, complex passwords, which are changed regularly. Since changes were made to Annu2019s desktop configuration settings while she was not at work, means that her password was compromised.

New Questions 15

Which of the following should be used to authenticate and log connections from wireless users connecting with EAP-TLS?

A. Kerberos




Answer: D


EAP-TLS, defined in RFC 2716, is an IETF open standard, and is well-supported among wireless vendors. It offers a good deal of security, since TLS is considered the successor of the SSL standard. It uses PKI to secure communication to the RADIUS authentication server.

Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) management for users who connect and use a network service. Because of the broad support and the ubiquitous nature of the RADIUS protocol, it is often used by ISPs and enterprises to manage access to the Internet or internal networks, wireless networks, and integrated e- mail services.

New Questions 16

Ann has recently transferred from the payroll department to engineering. While browsing file shares, Ann notices she can access the payroll status and pay rates of her new coworkers. Which of the following could prevent this scenario from occurring?

A. Credential management

B. Continuous monitoring

C. Separation of duties

D. User access reviews

Answer: D


In addition to assigning user access properly, it is important to review that access periodically. Access review is a process to determine whether a useru2019s access level is still appropriate. Peopleu2019s roles within an organization can change over time. It is important to review user accounts periodically and determine if they still require the access they currently have. An example of such a scenario would be a network administrator who was responsible for the domain controller but then moved over to administer the remote access servers. The administratoru2019s access to the domain controller should now be terminated. This concept of access review is closely related to the concept of least privileges. It is important that users do not have u201cleftoveru201d privileges from previous job roles.

New Questions 17

Which of the following protocols uses an asymmetric key to open a session and then establishes a symmetric key for the remainder of the session?





Answer: D


SSL establishes a session using asymmetric encryption and maintains the session using symmetric encryption.

New Questions 18

Ann works at a small company and she is concerned that there is no oversight in the finance department; specifically, that Joe writes, signs and distributes paycheques, as well as other expenditures. Which of the following controls can she implement to address this concern?

A. Mandatory vacations

B. Time of day restrictions

C. Least privilege

D. Separation of duties

Answer: D


Separation of duties divides administrator or privileged tasks into separate groupings, which in turn, is individually assigned to unique administrators. This helps in fraud prevention, error reduction, as well as conflict of interest prevention. For example, those who configure security should not be the same people who test security. In this case, Joe should not be allowed to write and sign paycheques.

New Questions 19

Connections using point-to-point protocol authenticate using which of the following? (Select TWO).




D. RC4

E. Kerberos

Answer: B,C


B: A password authentication protocol (PAP) is an authentication protocol that uses a password. PAP is used by Point to Point Protocol to validate users before allowing them access to server resources.

C: CHAP is an authentication scheme used by Point to Point Protocol (PPP) servers to validate the identity of remote clients. CHAP periodically verifies the identity of the client by using a three-way handshake.

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